Location of Pravčická Brána


Pravčická Brána lies in North Bohemia, 15 km north of the city Děčín. The nearest town, and also one of the starting points, is Hřensko.


Getting to Pravčická Brána:

By car

  • From Děčín head north towards the national border, after 12 km we reach Hřensko
  • From Dresden via Pirna, Königstein, Bad Schandau, to the border crossing of Schmilka - Hřensko

Park your car at the car park in Hřensko (behind the "Klepáč" restaurant, for a fee) or go to the car park in Mezní Louka (near the "Mezní Louka" hotel), both of which are starting points for trips to Pravčická Brána (parking is not permitted anywhere else except at these 2 car parks)

By bus

  • From Děčín there is a bus line to Hřensko and to Mezní Louka – there is a bus stop in Hřensko, another near Tři Pramenů and another in Mezní Louka

By train

  • The nearest train station is in Děčín, from the station we must take a bus and then walk
  • The nearest train station on the German side is in Schöna on the opposite bank of the Elbe River, opposite Hřensko. There is a ferry from there to Hřensko

On foot

  • From Hřensko follow the red marked hiking trail (leading to the road) for 1.5 km until you come to a crossroads called "Tři Prameny". Turn left onto a stone-covered forest trail and follow this trail for 2.5 km and then you are at the site.
  • From Mezní Louka follow the red marked hiking trail called "Gabrielina Stezka" (Gabriel's Trail) for 6.5 km through the forest until you come to Pravčická Brána



Using this server you may plan your bus-train combined trip.

All-day trip:

Starting point

  • Hřensko


  • 5 to 6 hours (min. 15 km hike + 1.5 km by ferry)


  • easy terrain, leading to good, marked hiking trails; except for the initial ascent to Pravčická Brána it is predominantly slightly rolling terrain, flat or downhill.


  • Sokolí Hnízdo (Falcon's Nest) restaurant and snack bar beneath Pravčická Brána, hotel and refreshment stands at Mezní Louka, pub and snack bar in Tichá Soutěska ("Quiet Gorge"), restaurants and pensions in Hřensko.


  • Pravčická Brána stone bridge,
  • Rock formations above "Gabrielina Stezka" (Gabriel's Trail),
  • Divoká Soutěska, Tichá Soutěska. ("Wild Gorge" and "Quiet Gorge")

From Hřensko follow the red marked trail first along the road to the crossroads called "Tři Prameny". From here begins the ascent to Pravčická Brána. Take the forest path and turn left, then ascend beneath the sheer rock walls. Above the twisting paths we reach the foot of the rock formation of "Malý Pravčický Kužel", which is a favourite destination for rock climbers. The final segment of the ascent leads to a suspended footbridge and through a man-made tunnel.

After a look around the area we return to the main marked trail and continue along an articulated traverse of rocks. This segment was made in 1892 and bears the name "Gabrielina Stezka" (Gabriel's Trail). The trail winds practically along the contour lines, and passes a small side valley and constantly presses into the rock formations, sometimes opening up to beautiful views. Overhead the well-known rock formations progressively pass us by: Velký Pravčický Kužel, Homole Cukru, Křídelní Stěna, etc. Finally we link up with a wider trail and descend through the forest to Mezní Louka.

From here we continue along a pleasant blue-marked forest trail for 1.5 km till we come to the crossroads called "Nad Soutěskami". Here we turn right (there is no sign) and follow a beautiful rocky gorge down to the narrow valley of Kamenice. A man-made trail along the river, above which rises mighty sandstone walls and towers, leads us after a while to the upper landing of the ferry in "Divoka Soutěska", which was built at the mouth of the picturesque "Kachní Potok" (Duck Stream).

The following stretch of the gorge is impassable by land. The only way to go further is to travel over water. After crossing approximately 600 m of water via "Divoka Soutěska" we continue around "Mezní Můstek" through several man-made tunnels and rock galleries to a pub and the upper ferry landing in "Ticha Soutěska". Here we continue nearly 1 km and beneath a man-made waterfall. At the end of the river journey what remains is a comfortable 1.5-km walk back to Hřensko.