Origin of Elbe Sandstone

From a geographical standpoint one cannot speak of mountain ranges but of an erosive landscape whose origin reaches back to the Mesozoic era (approx. one hundred million years ago). In the sea that covered this territory back then, up to several hundred metres of thick rock strata of sandy sediments were formed. The resulting hardening produced sandstone. When the ocean receded, this sandstone strata were broken by a series of fractures caused by volcanic activity in the neighbouring "České Středohoří" (Bohemian Central Mountains). This was followed either by a breaking of the originally connected plates into floes, or, alternatively, by hardening of the sandstone by volcanic flows. During the next millions of years the appearance of our country was modelled by the most varied erosive forces. At first, cracks appeared in the compact sandstone plate, which slowly expanded into rifts and ravines. This left towers and rocks standing in isolation.