Pravčická brána

Pravčice Gate

Pravčice Gate is the largest natural rock gate on the European continent and a national nature monument. It is considered to be the most beautiful natural formation in Bohemian Switzerland and is the symbol of the entire area.

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About Pravčice Gate

26,5 m

The arch’s span is 26.5 m, the height of the opening is 16 m, the width is 7–8 m, and the minimum thickness is 3 m.

15 km

Pravčice Gate is located in Northern Bohemia, 15 km north of the town of Děčín.


The year when Duke Edmund Clary-Aldringen built the Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon’s Nest) holiday château.

5 h

5 hours of light hiking on good, marked tourist trails.

Pravčice Gate has been standing in its location since time immemorial. It is the result of millions of years of weathering of the less resistant parts of the rock mass, which consists of ashlar sandstone from the Turonian age.

As tourists first began to discover the beauties of Pravčice Gate, a small bark-covered cabin stood at its foot and was used as a pub. The access path, known as Pelagiensteig, from the village of Hřensko was already paved by the end of the 1870s, and around that time the promenade trail towards Mezní Louka was also built.

In 1881, the owner of the estate, Duke Edmund Clary-Aldringen, built the built Sokolí hnízdo (Falcon’s Nest), a holiday château at Pravčice Gate. For this purpose, he invited workmen from Italy for the simple reason that they were the cheapest labour at the time. The whole château was built within one year, which is almost record time when one takes into consideration the size of the structure and the period in which it was built. Several years later, guardrails were installed on the cliff lookouts dotted throughout the surroundings. Soon after the restaurant was built, an entrance fee was introduced.

Pravčice Gate is the largest natural rock gate on the European continent and a national nature monument. It is considered to be the most beautiful natural formation in Bohemian Switzerland and is the symbol of the entire area.

Landscaped trails and staircases run from the entrance to the individual lookouts in the area, from which visitors can observe Pravčice Gate itself or enjoy the spectacular views of the surroundings both nearby and farther afield.

Since its "discovery" by tourists, Pravčice Gate has been visited regularly by millions of people. One of the many well-known personalities who admired its beauties – twice, in 1831 and 1851 – was the famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen. It is undoubtedly clear that he drew a lot of inspiration for his work from this place.

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Pravčická brána




Dear visitors,
Since 1.10.2022 we are open again! Due to the repair works the choice in the restaurant is a little bit limited.
Please be aware that opened path is only from Hrensko. The trail from Mezni louka is closed and will be opened only next year.

When and how can you
visit the Pravčice Gate?

Opening hours

1.4. - 28.10.2023 10-18  o'clock
29.10. - 05.11.2023 10-16 o'clock

10.11. - 23.12.2023
area opened every friday whitout service - 10-16 o'clock
saturday and sunday - 10-16 o'clock - incl. restaurant and toilet

24.12. - 25.12.2023
area opened whitout service - 10-16 o'clock

26.12.2023 - 01.01.2024
daily 10-16 o'clock -  incl. restaurant and toilet

Entrance fee

Adults 95 CZK / 4 EUR

Children (6-14 years) 30 CZK / 1,5 EUR

Students/seniors(65+ years) 30 CZK / 1,5 EUR

The entrance fee, which funds the operation of the premises, has been collected since the end of the 19th century and its real value remains about the same to date.

The Edmund and Wild Gorges

Edmund Gorge:

temporarily closed

Wild Gorge:

The gorges are closed outside of the periods described above.
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How you can get to us

By car
A. From Děčín towards the national border, 12 km to Hřensko.
B. From Dresden to the national border crossing Schmilka–Hřensko.

By train
A. Railway station in Děčín, then by bus and on foot.
B. The railway station on the German side is in Schöna on the opposite bank of the Elbe, and you can cross to Hřensko by ferry.

By bus
The bus line from Děčín to Hřensko and Mezní Louka.
The stops are Hřensko, u Třech pramenů, and na Mezní Louce.

On foot
A. From Hřensko, follow the red hiking symbol.
B. From Mezní Louka, follow the red hiking symbol along the Gabrielina Stezka (trail).

You can leave your car at the car park in Hřensko (paid parking behind Restaurant Klepáč) or use the car park at Mezní Louka (near Hotel Mezní Louka); these are the two starting points for a trip to Pravčice Gate (it is strictly prohibited to park outside of these locations).

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